Even natural beauty deserves a little shine....

     I have always believed that women are beautiful creatures, irregardless of their fashion style. Doesn't the everyday woman that runs the home, does the dishes and laundry, and takes care of her family also deserve a little something special without breaking the bank? I fully believe so because I am that mom also, and in 2007 Moore Jewelry Style was born from just that thought.

     Moore Jewelry Style is a handmade, beaded jewelry store (jewellery for our international friends) born in the basement of my mother's home nearly a decade ago. With a stock of beads and a hope and a prayer I started creating. I've always conducted business around my home life and have been a local creator for many years before opening my items to the online jewelry/jewellery community. I have become a mother to not one but two handsome young men (who are growing up much too fast), an avid pet owner, home owner, and so much more. My family has always come first because they are my inspiration each and every day. My family drives me each and every day to create and improve. My sophisiticated items you see in my shop are inspired from my eldest son, Jeffrey. My bright colors are absolutely like my youngest son Nathan's personality. An all of my wedding and love pieces come very close to my heart from my own new marriage.

     Over the years the style of my jewelry has changed many times, and I feel the style I offer you today is the best and most beautiful yet. The jewelry you find on my website appeals to all women irregardless of age and lifestyle. There are simple items for casual wear, and also offer some larger statement pieces for the ladies who like to brighten up the room. You will find a rustic, vintage twist to many of my creations also. This is an inspiration I draw very closely from my late grandmother who was a large part of my life. I have now also added the Survive In Style line to our store, a subsidiary of Moore Jewelry Style. Matt, my husband, heads the Survive In Style section of the business and is the creator of all the paracord creations you find. These items are not only functional in emergency situations, but also trendy for men, women, and kids alike!

     I thank you for shopping with us each and every time you stop. I only hope that the pieces offered by Moore Jewelry Style and Survive In Style inspire you daily to love yourself and your family as much as we do. Whether you buy them for yourself or for someone special to you, always give them with love and happiness in your heart.


~Michelle E

Owner, Creator Moore Jewelry Style